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string orchestra + tubular chimes


The second movement of my Piano Trio (or Piano Quartet--this piece gets around) arranged for string orchestra and tubular chimes.

Conjure Something Glowing (2001)

SATB chorus, orchestra (picc, 2 fl, 2 ob, Eng hn, 2 cl, bass cl, 2 bn, cbn/4 hn, picc tpt, 2 tpt, 2 tbn, bass tbn, tba/timp, 3 pc/celesta/harp/strings)


Commissioned by the city of Spartanburg in honor of the Spartanburg Renaissance Project, this is that huge orchestra that some composers feel the need to write (I suppose I was one of them). Ruth Forman's poetry provides a perfect text for this work.

Conjure Something Glowing (2006)

SSA chorus and chamber orchestra (fl, ob, cl, hn, bn/timp, tubular chimes/pno /hp/strings)


A shortened and reduced version of Conjure Something Glowing. This is the version the Converse Chorale and Symphony Orchestra performed at our president's inauguration. This is a quite-lovely version of this piece. 


orchestra (2222/2211/timp, glock/hp, strings)


Many folks think our college has a silly-sounding alma mater. Nonetheless, it has some interesting aspects, which I incorporated into this work that our orchestra has played for opening convocations, etc. The piece contains some hidden allusions to Burt Bacharach, but it's basically a very Elgar-sounding work. (And I mean that in a good way.)

The Heart's Trapeze

orchestra (picc, 2 fl, 2 ob, Eng hn, 2 cl, bass cl, 2 bn, cbn/4 hn, 3 tpt, 2 tbn, bass tbn, tba/timp, 3 pc/cel/hp/strings)


So, this is my big orchestral tone poem.  It's based on a passage from a RIlke poem and it's very spirited (and also very challenging for the orchestra). The Czech Radio Symphony performed and recorded this work quite well. It's out there at et al., waiting to be bought.

Light Streams Down in Bright, Unbroken Beams

orchestra (2222/2110/timp+2/piano/strings)


This is the orchestrated version of Kristina's and my wedding processional. The title (and four notes in the melody) come from a Rush song. The orchestra at Converse has played this work for ceremonial occasions a few times, and it is always well-received.


orchestra (picc, 2 fl, 2 ob, Eng hn, 2 cl, bass cl, 2 bn, cbn/4 hn, 3 tpt, 2 tbn, bass tbn, tba/timp, 3 pc/cel/hp/strings)


Such an idea for an orchestra piece: to pack a four-movement Romantic symphony into short, single-movement work. It's "micro" because it manages to cover the four movements in this short time-span. This piece also managaes to incorporate "micro-quotes" from all nine Beethoven symphonies. The members of the Warsaw Philharmonic did an amazing job recording this very tricky work.


Award of Excellence: Composers Guild 26th Annual Composition Contest

Recorded by the Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra on MMC New Century, vol. XIII

Modern Miniatures

wind ensemble (picc, 2 fl, 3 cl, alto cl, bass cl, alto sax, ten sax, bari sax, 2 ob, 2 bn/3 tpt, 4 hn, 2 tbn, bass tbn, eup, tba/4 pc)


A "band-strated" version of a chamber work, this is a three-movement piece: 

I. Slasher Movie Music

II. Slow Jam

III. Pop Song (circa 1967)

Orientale / After Orientale

orchestra (2222/4220/timp+2/strings)


An orchestration and a re-imagining of Cesar Cui's Orientale.


wind ensemble (picc, 2 fl, 2 ob, Eng hn, 2 bn, cbn, picc cl, 2 Bb cl, alto cl, bass cl, 2 alto sax, tenor sax/3 tpt, 4 hn, 2 tbn, bass tbn, eup, tba/cb/pno-cel/timp, 3pc)


Subtitled "A Sleepwalk for Wind Ensemble," this is a big, long, slow wind ensemble piece. It features some rather jarring and violent effects, contrasted with very hypnotic, placid passages. The movement of my piano work, Ritual Meditations, entitled "Somnus" is a reworking of some of this piece.

Spooky Does the Bunny-Hop (Extended Orchestral Remix)

orchestra (2222/2110/timp, 1pc/cel (or hp)/strings)


The orchestrated version of the third movement of the Sonata for Flute and Oboe, this version is expanded to include music that represents musically the long-suffering kitty-cat (played here by a solo violin). A very fun and cartoonish piece.


1st Prize: Loudoun Symphony Orchestra American Composers' Competititon, 2004

Recorded by Prague Radio Symphony for Masterworks of the New Era (ERM Media)

"...the still moment"

orchestra (2222/4331/timp, 2 pc/pno/hp/strings)


If not my first orchestra piece, at least my first to be performed. Inspired by a passage from a favorite Clyde Edgerton novel, this is a quasi-impressionistic evocation of a sunrise, featuring colorful orchestration.


wind ensemble (picc, 2 fl, 2 ob, Eng hn, 2 cl, bass cl, 2 bn/4 hn, 3 tpt, 2 tbn, bass tbn, eup, tba/timp, 3 pc)


My doctoral dissertation is a three-movement work for orchestral winds plus percussion, and I think it's actually pretty good. I don't know, because it's never been played. I got the commission for the Micro-Symphony while I was writing this piece, got struck by "orchestra fever," and finished this work in a hurry. I should probaby get around to notating it on the computer and having it played. Someday, maybe.

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Orchestra and Wind Ensemble Works

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