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So, here's some stuff about me:


Home and Work: I live in Spartanburg, SC, where I teach in the Petrie School of Music at Converse College. I teach music composition, theory, and courses in pop music, and I like it pretty fine. 


Family: I've got a pretty fine family--my lovely wife, Kristina (who has excellent taste in men), and two delightful kids: daughter India (who's off in college making us all proud), and son Aidin (a seventh-grade film auteur, ready to take the world by storm soon at a theater near you). I also have lovely parents, siblings, in-laws, etc. Our biggest point of familial pride is that no television network wants us to star in a reality series.


Music: That's why you're here, right? Well, the older I get, the more music I find to like, so my list is long. In no particular order, my favorites include Burt Bacharach, Steve Reich, Rush, Beethoven, Yes, Tom Petty, George Crumb, the Monkees, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Glen Campbell, U2, Ravel, and the ten zillion others I'm leaving out.


I became a musician when I started playing drums in sixth grade; I learned to play guitar in seventh grade. Both those things pretty much stole my soul from that time on. I played in some bands, went to some colleges, and the rest is history. 


I've written a lot of music for a lot of different people and instruments, and some of it has done rather well. You can check out some of it on this website.


I also play ukulele (pretty good, if such a thing is possible). I play in a ukulele band--perhaps you'll see us sometime and be able to blackmail me.


I'm the one next to the girl with the flowers 

I'm the one with the ukulele 

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