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Sound files
Notes on the music

Inspired by the children's story about the gigantic monster, Abiyoyo, and utilizing the West African lullaby of the same name, this piece is seven minutes of funky, electronic funmusic. 

Emily Dickinson's poetry gets set to music...a lot. It's actually the most-set poetry. But it rarely gets set with electronic sounds. Or hip-hop. Until now.

Processional for flute, oboe, and piano. The title (and four notes) come from a beloved Rush song. Makes a dang fine wedding processional (I know from experience) 

Written to commemorate the installation of the Marian Anderson statue at Converse College. This setting of Ruth Forman's poem "Let It Heal" features some lovely opportunities for female voices to shine.

Quite possibly the greatest minimalist work ever for amplified ukulele and electronics, this piece allows me to have a work I have written that I can actually perform. Every sound in the piece is my concert uke, either played live or recorded and electronically altered.

This is just a small sample of  selected recordings—to listen to many other works, visit the 

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