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Spooky Does the Bunny-Hop (Extended Orchestral Remix)

orchestra (2 fl, 2 ob, 2 cl, 2bn/2 hn. tpt, tbn/timp, 1 pc/cel or hp/strings)



This piece is a joy: it flits and frolics in an endearingly cartoonish way. Written after the initial positive responses to the original flute and oboe vesion of "Spooky," this piece was my attempt to enlarge the piece by giving the long-suffering kitty-cat a voice (represented by some tasty, meowing solo violin writing). It's not a demanding piece (read: your local symphony could play it), and it has a mix of humor and bathos that makes it fun.


Do take a moment to appreciate the original cover art by my daughter (and partner in kitty-torment), India. It's quite lovely.



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