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Solo and Electronic Works

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oboe and electronic sounds


A seven-minute work for oboe and electronic accompaniment, based on a children's story and featuring a West African lullaby.

Bees: 5 Poems of Emily Dickinson

female voice and electronic accompaniment


Dickinson's poetry recast in an electronic environment. The five songs show the influence of electronica, hip-hop, Isaac Hayes-style soul, and Radiohead. Not your usual Emily settings.

Creative Energies

electronic composition


Commissioned by Ballet Spartanburg

Fantasy in F Minor

piano solo


2nd Prize -- Second International Sergei Prokofiev Composers' Competition

Hold It Here!

electronic composition


Take one deflating yoga ball, add one little boy's voice, combine with funky electronic sounds: there you go!

I Colored a Wanted Music I Can Always Hear

piano solo


Commissioned by Wael Farouk for his Carnegie Hall debut. A work that is both simple and flashy. The title is a poem my son, Aidin, made up at age six.

Monody in Memory of Aaron Copland

piano solo


Written in the days following Copland's death, this is a work based on a chord featured prominently in "Appalachian Spring," and featuring a poignant quote from that work.

Prelude in B-flat Minor

piano solo


Sometimes, you just want to imitate a Bach prelude...

Ritual Meditations

piano solo


A very meditative, nine-movement work, lasting over 35 minutes. The musical language combines aspects of minimalism, gospel hymnody, Bartok, and others, Two movements are piano adaptations of works I wrote for chorus and wind ensemble, and one movement dates back to my undergraduate days.

Suite for Guitar

guitar solo


Three-movement work in Keef tuning: I. Prelude, II. Andante Espressiveo, III. Hard-Rock Finish. Wonderfully premiered by Michael Patilla.

Two Movements for Marimba

marimba solo


Written for David Bessinger and his remarkable low-C marimba. Features two movements: Prelude and Toccata-Rondo


amplified ukulele and recorded sounds


I wanted a piece I could perform, and this is the result. It's a hypnotic, nervy, minimalist work featuring a live performer and a background of recorded and electronically altered ukuleles (think "Electric Counterpoint" with a ukulele). 

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