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Sonata for Flute and Oboe



The first of many pieces written for Chris and Kelly Vaneman, and one of the few pieces I've written that doesn't allow me to write lots of big, resonant chords. This is a three movement work, featuring an opening fanfare that pushes the idea of note-against-note counterpoint about as far as it can go, a slow middle movement, and the first-ever version of "Spooky Does the Bunny-Hop" (which went on to have a life of its own as an orchestra piece).


 When the Vanemans received this piece they gave me two cases of wine and said, "Thank you for a piece that we can play for the rest of our lives." I hope they do just that. Bottoms up.


"Scott Robbins’ brief "Fanfare" and “Spooky Does the Bunny Hop” (about a long-suffering cat playing with his daughter) from his Sonata for Flute and Oboe teamed with bubbling swirls of melody and a dodgy charm."

Charleston Gazette-Mail, June 21, 2015

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